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RO Spare Parts

RO System have various RO spare parts, which are used in diverse categories of RO sytems, such as, Water Purifiers, Domestic RO, Commercial RO and Industrial RO. We used genuine RO Sparts parts in our RO systems.
Activated Carbon, Sediment, Prefilter, C.T.O, UV, these are filters, which are always used in RO Purifiers & RO systems. These all RO filters are available with us. We also provide RO Spare Parts Online at wholesale price. We use imported spare parts in our RO systems, and all of them are also easily available with us. We have different brand of Membranes, i.e. VONTRONE, CSM, FILMTECH, etc. All these spares easily work in different brand of RO & purifiers.
Its quite essential to know about the different RO Spare Parts and their functioning.
A brief information about RO Spare Parts is given below:

RO Spare Part

Activated Carbon
Filter To Absorb the Chlorine, VOC Organic Matter, Odor, Smell Turbidity
Activated Sediment
Filter To Remove residual toner small particles and carbon granule of 2nd C.T.O
Activated Carbon
Filter C.T.O To Absorb the Chlorine, VOC Organic Matter, Odor, Smell Turbidity
To Remove the Sand Dirt, Worn and Rust Particles
RO Membrane
Filteration Precision for Separating and removing the Bacteria and Virus, Heavy Metal Ions, Salt, Bad Mineral Substance and Dissolved Matter and Chemical.
Post Carbon
Filter To absorb the Odor, and Adjust the taste
Ultraviolet (UV) Sterlizer
Remove 99.99% Destruction of Bacteria, Virus Microorganism
Antibacterial balls
Promote additon of beneficial microorganisms or produce immune regulatory factors to enhance the human blood circulation system , digestion and absorption, drainage metabolism, etc.
Alkaline Filter
Alkaline filter neutraliz over-acidity in our body caused by stress, modern- diet, Air pollution, or Acidic bottled water.
Antiscaling Balls
Siliphos Balls is used as an alternative to RO Antiscalants to prevent scaling on RO Membranes.