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How Safe is your Drinking Water ?

The source  of  drinking  water  supply  at  home  is  either  surface  water  or  ground water.Unfortunately,  most  of  these  sources  are  not  safe  for  drinking  without  proper  treatment  due  to presence of microbialand chemical pollutants. Toxic chemicals and harmful bacteria pollute the water sources making us sick and also expose us to long term health consequences such as liver and  kidney  damage.

The city’s water supply  department  treats  the  water  before  supplying  but while getting transported through distribution network it again comes in contact with pathogens and certain chemicals.This means that water needs to be tested and treated at the point of use as well.

Ro System can remove 90-99%  of all the contaminants in water. This is why the popularity of Ro System is growing day by day .

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