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The house of RO SYSTEM was promoted with the objective of providing the comprehensive solution to the household customer needs. The first product launched was almost 20 Years back and after a decade in the business of water purification system. The house of AquaPure has emerged as a major player in the industry. Reckoned as a class apart, the house of AquaPure has already carved out a niche in the market as a company that caresfor the health and welfare of its customers. Initially the UV-based water purification system was a concept and it required a lot of education to the customer. The company accepted it as a challenge and along with the educating customer, Co. introduced with very innovative products (India’s first of its kind). The company invested a lot of capital and efforts in producing world class products either by itself or by assembly by sourcing from world class component supplier. The result was fabulous. The company introduced:

  • India’s first water purification system in ABS plastic.
  • The company launched INDIA’S FIRST INTELLIGENT water purification system.
  • Among the first in this industry to be awarded ISO certification.
  • Among the first one in the industry to get quality award in U.S.A.

The result was company reached a user base of 100 thousand families in a short span of time. Alongwith development of a dealer network. The company invested to understand the local/geographical problems and then trained the dealer and staff of the dealers to handle & solve them. Lending support wherever it was needed. New upgradation & modification in the existing models are done based upon the feedback from the consumer. The company was awarded with a prestigious ISO 9002 certificate for its qualitative and methodical approach towards its products and service but as one can underline this is continuous process and we are upgraded continuously.

The house of RO SYSTEM is changing fast and changing for the better. We are no longer content to remain a regional player. The company also invested in infrastructure to provide new innovative product in water purifier and its post sale service to the customer with its commitment for health and services.

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